Please be sure to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions and refer to the FAQ if you have any queries.

Terms and Conditions

Visitors to the website are welcome however please be respectful and decent in your demeanour. We have zero tolerance for abuse of any form whatsoever and will ban individuals inform the authorities if we believe it is occurring. This is not limited to any protected characteristic. Please remember, cosplay is not consent.


Why this website?

We set up Comic Conventions some time back and it has grown into a popular and useful site for those looking for convention information. It is, however, very comics focused and the demographic at conventions has changed dramatically over the years and we wanted to recognise that.

Will you list my event?

Yes of course, provided that there is a relevance to people visiting the listings. Please send details of your convention and the links to cosplay therein. We will not accept listing requests from gaming, sci-fi, TV, books or similar that have no relation to cosplay.

Someone is being abusive on the forum!

Report them. We will ban them and if necessary, report them to the authorities.

Can I advertise on the website?

Please contact us with details of your product and we will consider it. Affiliate marketing is often preferable to ourselves as it is simpler to manage on a daily basis.

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