With some of the scare stories which have been reported in the press regarding a number of questionable con attendees, exhibitors or even organisers, you can fully understand why we take such matters seriously.

In addition to our COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT approach, we also undertake the appropriate steps to ensure our event is safe for all forms of vulnerable groups. As part of this process, relevant staff/volunteers have to undergo checks such Disclosure Scotland or hold professional licences such as those granted by the SIA.

This approach to such matters was also partly responsible for us choosing the EICC as a venue. Indeed it may be a bit more expensive than some other locations, but being a purpose built facility for events, you can rest assured the staff there know what they are doing, and the security of all their patrons is of a prime importance.

Oh, regarding that COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT thing, here’s how things stand at Edinburgh Comic Con 2017…

1. Cosplay is very welcome, but as we’re running a cosplay competition on the Sunday, we think you already know this.

2. Choose your costume wisely. This is a family show, so please remember there may be a small prince or princess behind you who’d like to enjoy their innocence a bit longer. 😉

3. Cosplay is NOT consent. We take a zero tolerance stance towards any harassment, especially sexual harassment.

4. Be considerate to exhibitors when taking photographs. They do appreciate the effort you put into bringing their creations to life, but they also paid for their space and need attendees to see what they have on offer.


*If you plan to enter our cosplay competition, you can find more details and purchase your tickets here: www.heroconventions.com

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